Bio Bikini Warm Vainilla BH schwarz

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Bio Bikini Spring Vainilla BH schwarz

Organic Cotton  Pantie Bikini"Warm Vainilla"

95% Pima cotton 5% elastan
Recommended for sensitive skin
Double cotton fabric 
Plastic-free production and shipping -Plantable label 

Care instructions: Hand wash


We are aware of the great damage that the textile industry causes on our planet and believe in the power of small actions that are reflected in important changes for the future. For this reason, we neither support the concept of "fast fashion" nor the production in countries where children and adults are exploited with miserable wages. We make our clothing in Colombia under our environmentally friendly philosophy, which means that we support small groups of women whose financial needs are endangered by their life situations. As a rule, they are single-parent mothers who need a solid income to support their families. Cooperation with women is done directly, ensuring fair pay.