Inspired by change and small actions our philosophy is based on offering products made in a responsible and honest way, knowing that we are positively impacting the textile industry.


We have always been passionate about nature, especially for trees, which is why our brand is named Maathai in honor of Wangari Maathai, a kenyan political activist and environmentalist from the ethnos Kĩkũy, who has been the first African woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2004 for her contribution to sustainable and environmental development. 


Our Inspiration

 Inspired by the softness and comfort of the cotton we create a feminine intimate line with one of the finest and special fibers of the world, the organic pima cotton, which by its properties provides a unique shine and softness. This cotton is grown in the fertile valleys of Peru free of all types of pesticides and chemicals that may affect the health of the farmers who grow it.

We believe in real actions

 We believe that we are all united by the responsibility to care for and protect our greatest treasures, our trees that are home to over 80% of the species of animals and plants living there. As a for-profit company we have the power to heal the damage to the environment. By linking each product sold to a cause, we join our beliefs with our business and we deliver on our promise through our company to contribute and positively impact our planet. We do this because we believe that together we can do small actions reflected in important changes for the future. More significantly, we believe that companies have the opportunity to influence real and meaningful change.


We seek people from all over the world who believe in our philosophy and thus demonstrate that we can create solutions through responsible and honest actions.

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